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Our First Foster Kitten of 2024, Raven

Raven joined us on January 16, 2024, after I met her at the shelter. I wasn't planning on taking her home but after dropping off another foster kitten for adoption (Polka), I went in the back and saw little Raven and decided to bring her home. She was in the isolation area since she had been diagnosed with ringworm. I am not afraid of ringworm so decided to give her a safe place to recover.

I set her up in our small kitten room and she loved it from the start. This was my welcome post for her:

Welcome Raven!!! This little girl is about 6 weeks old, about a pound and a half and has ringworm. She was all alone at the shelter for a few days and I went to visit her when I brought Polka for adoption today. I wasn’t planning on taking her but when I saw her I couldn’t leave her. She looked at me and meowed this sweet little raspy meow. I put her in my carrier and here we are.

She is going to stay in my small room as she heals and I will give her ALL the love. I’m not worried one single bit about her having ringworm. She’s fine and will be fine, it’s just a fungus, doesn’t cause any major illness. She’s on oral meds and will get lime sulfur treatments too. But overall she will just be a kitten who will be spoiled rotten!

She is adorable! Fluffy and round and a purring machine. We love her already!

After a week of treatment (oral meds - Terbinafine, and lime sulfur body sprays) I took her to the shelter vet to be weighed for dosing medication. While there the lead vet examined her and realized she had been misdiagnosed, it wasn't ringworm! She was losing hair and had patchy skin in MANY places and was given a Convenia shot (long-acting antibiotic) to see if that would help, Within hours it did, and her skin was smoother, and very soon after that hair began to grow back. She has a bacterial skin infection, not ringworm! This was great news!

Soon after bringing Raven into foster her future adopter contacted me and we made arrangements. Raven went to her forever home on Saturday, February 3, 2024. She was only with me for 2 weeks and 4 days, but she was a joy to foster!

Follow Raven on Instagram here: @the_stardust_kitties

See all of my Instagram posts featuring Raven here: #fosterkittenraven24


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