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Want to help?

There are a few different ways you can help support Carisa and the foster kittens! Click on the options below to read more about each.


Purchase from our shop!

When you purchase items from our shop, all profits go to support Carisa and the kittens! Carisa's mom, Sandi, makes the handmade items and Carisa creates the digital downloadable and printed items. 

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Donate items from our wishlist!

We have an Amazon wishlist that is updated daily and always has the date of the last update in the header so you'll know it is a current list of wishes. These items are sent directly to our home and used for the kittens! 

Amazon Wishlist.png

Amazon sends notes with gift packages most of the time and I always scan the QR code and send an email thank you when I get a gift. Sometimes Amazon fails to send these little papers so if you send something and don't get a thank you via email, please email me to check to be sure I got the package so I can thank you! Email:

Gift Cards

Send a gift card via email!

We love getting gift cards for Chewy, Tractor SupplyPetsmart, & Amazon. Having gift cards on hand helps when special needs arise so I can purchase what we need quickly.


For those wondering why Tractor Supply? We buy all of our pine pellet litter at Tractor Supply! For those who use Feline Pine, it's much cheaper to buy the 40 lb bags at TS! Highly recommend it if you foster young kittens (they can't use clumping in case they eat it).


These can be sent digitally to us by using our email address:


When sending, the store doesn't send us an email with the option to email you a thank you, so please include your email address or Instagram @ in the note so I can thank you and let you know we got it.

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Amazon GC.jfif

Donate via Venmo or CashApp


If you'd like to donate, we have the following set up: CashApp, and Venmo.


Please know that we are not a nonprofit (yet) so your donations are not tax deductable but every dollar will go to help the kittens! We have many expenses outside of wishlist items that relate to our care of the kittens - gas (our shelter is 30 miles from us), utilities (lots of laundry), household items (paper towels, cleaning sprays, etc.), and more. 


Shop using our affiliate links!


When you click on one of our affiliate links, we get a percentage. We are affiliated with Chewy and Amazon  so if you shop there and use these links, please know that we get a percentage. We have a few Amazon shops set up sharing our favorite items. Click to see the idea lists below!

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Like, comment, & share our content!

Our Instagram is the best way to support us for free! When you like, comment, or share our content it helps us! As the account grows, so does our support base! Simply watching our reels is helpful!

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