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How I Began Fostering Kittens

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Have you ever thought about fostering kittens? In this post I share how it all started for me!

It all began with my daughter. She began begging to foster kittens when she was about 8 years old. I told her that when she was 10 I would consider it. Little did I know her desire would lead me to one of the best decisions of my life!

Fast forward, she is 10. I fill out an application at our county shelter and we get excited. We were told to expect a call within two weeks. Months passed, still no call. In hindsight we now know there was a major staff oversight and somehow our application never got taken care of despite the fact that I followed up numerous times.

Fast forward to the following spring, of 2020. I decided to contact the shelter in the county next to ours to see if that was a possibility. It was! Within weeks we had our first two foster kittens, Lucky & Clover!

They weren't biological siblings but came in at the same time and the shelter sent us home with both! Thankfully, it worked out well and they were healthy and happy for their few weeks with us.

Our fostering setup began in my daughter's bedroom mostly because she was so excited and wanted them with her at all times. This was our very first "set-up" featuring a dog crate! Eventually we graduated to these awesome clear panels, but the cage worked when we began!

We quickly learned how hard it was to say goodbye, especially to Lucky who had to go to the shelter adoption floor since we didn't have a friend wanting her. Thankfully a friend adopted Clover so we still get to see updates about her (she is now Lola). My daughter wrote a note to go with Lucky's new adopters and the best thing is that they got in touch with us a few months

later and we got an update! This doesn't always happen, so we were thrilled!

At this time, I was fostering for her and totally clueless about the fact that it would eventually become "my thing" and one of the best things that ever entered my life. She still loves the kittens but definitely grew out of "being in charge" and lets me do all the things. She just likes to snuggle them now. I am totally fine with that, I love that she is the reason I found my passion, when I originally thought I was only fostering for her.

The day we said goodbye to Lucky & Clover, we picked up Sunny & Luna, our next set. We continued to get set after set, and we still do! See all of our foster kittens here!


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