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2024 Foster Kittens ~ My Little Ponies

The adorable "My Little Ponies" joined us on January 27, 2024, I woke up to a text from a foster friend asking if I wanted them and it was an IMMEDIATE yes. I didn't see a photo, just knew the age. After I said yes, she sent this photo and I swooned. What an adorable little variety pack!

Sadly the 6th kitten, a tabby, didn't survive. The shelter vet took him home that day to help him and he passed very quickly. The other 5 came home with me and have been healthy the entire time, which is such a surprising joy especially for winter kittens.


I set them up in our small kitten room and they loved it from the start. This was my welcome post for them:

Welcome to our new foster babies! I got a text early this morning from the shelter and said yes before I even saw a photo of them. Then I saw them and oh my word. The cute is off the charts. You know how I love the fluffy ones and we have two extra fluffy ones in this bunch!

They were found on a busy road last night and based on how thin they are we think something happened to their momma. It has been raining this week and last week was very cold so it certainly hasn’t been easy for their little family. We had a random warm and clear day yesterday and I’m thankful someone found them and brought them in to safety. My heart breaks for their momma, not knowing is hard. All I can do is focus on the NOW and provide the best care possible. They are all less than 1/2 pound and my guess is about 3 weeks old. I will update a lot more in my stories, so visit there often for updates!

Names and more details coming soon!


We had a poll in my Instagram stories to choose their name theme. It was between Asian Foods and My Little Pony. My Little Pony won! My daughter gets the final say in naming and she always does a fabulous job. I introduced the names on Instagram here:

Meet the My Little Pony foster kittens! It was a tight vote in our stories yesterday but the pony theme won!

  • Twilight Sparkle - female torbie, some call a patched tabby. She has some orange on her, as well as tabby markings.

  • Fluttershy - female, tabby. She has no orange that I can see, but has really cool markings on her back, and adorable white feet.

  • Rarity - fluffy calico, female. The fluff is out of this world.

  • Spike - fluffy cream, male. He is a lighter orange with an almost white face.

  • Applejack - cream, male. He has shorter fur and some white on his face.

I think they are 4 weeks old and just really small. Their teeth tell the story and they are putting on weight quickly in the past 24 hours. Some are using the litter box and some are eating food from the bowl. They get food and bottle offered and all are having at least some bottle.

I LOVE THEM. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



We went on to enjoy many weeks together with virtually no health issues which was so lovely. It was pure fun and snuggles with this crew. They were EXPERTS at posing for family photos. They loved to snuggle together which made for many wonderful and adorable photos and videos. Below are a few of my favorites.

Of course we had to have a photo shoot with the ponies they were named after!



There were MANY adoption inquiries for them, probably more than I have ever had!

Twilight Sparkle was adopted by a close friend and went to her forever home on March 21. Her new name is June.

Spike and Rarity were adopted together and went to their forever home on March 22. Their new names are Olive & Gnocchis and you can follow them here: @olive_and_gnocchi

Applejack and Fluttershy were adopted together and went to their forever home on March 25. Their new names are Poppi & Jax and you can follow them on Insta here: @poppi_and_jax


See all of my Instagram posts featuring the Ponies here:


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