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Fun Christmas Toys for Cats

As you may know, we have a shop where we sell handmade items for cats and cat lovers to raise money for our foster kitten journey. We offer several fun Christmas-themed items for cats! I will feature those below as well as some fun Christmas cat toys I was able to get for our foster kittens thanks to your donations from Amazon and Chewy!

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Fun Christmas Toys For Cats From Amazon

Thanks to generous followers buying these items from our Amazon wishlist! See all of these and more here!

Sally is showing off the Christmas tree house!


Fun Christmas Toys For Cats From Chewy

Thanks to generous gift cards given by followers and a great sale, we were able to get some new Christmas toys from Chewy for our foster kittens!


Christmas Themed Toys for Cats from Our Shop

Christmas Cat Toys, Choose Your Own Combo:

Gift Sets:


Christmas Gifts for Cat Parents

Buying a gift for someone who loves cats? Consider our "My Kitty & Me Gift Sets"

More great gift ideas for your friends who love cats:

Christmas Gift Ideas For Cat Parents from Amazon


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Thanks for using our affiliate links in the post, that helps support the kittens! See more ways to help here, see all of the kittens we have fostered here!

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