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Creating for the Foster Kittens

You may already know me (Carisa) a bit from my Instagram, but you probably don't know my wonderful mom very well. I want to introduce you to my mom in this post, and also tell you a bit more about what we are creating for the shop to help support the foster kittens!

For Our Foster Kittens

We decided to launch a shop together to support our foster kittens. I say "our" even though the kittens live with me. Why? Because my mom has been a huge support since day one of my foster journey. We Facetime every night so she can see the kitties, and she comes to visit often. She lives about 45 minutes from me and our dream is for her to move much closer to me in the near future!

The Sewing Master

This baby is now 17 years old!

My mom, Sandi, is a creative genius when it comes to fabric creations. She has been making and selling items for over 20 years, my kids were her first models and I have always helped her with photography and promotion. She sells at craft shows and to local friends. Her baby items are in high demand and she has many repeat customers. She makes blankets, bibs, and so much more.

Once I began fostering kittens, she began sewing cat items. Kitty Kickers were her first item, and since then she has created many more fun toys for the kittens. She even made them a little house (we aren't selling these but you can see it here)! We will be selling many of her cat-focused creations in our shop.

Not only is she immensely talented, but she is also kind and generous. She is donating her time for the items she makes for our shop, AND she donated all supplies for the first batch of items for the shop! Once we make a profit we will invest back into supplies, but she wanted to provide the initial supplies to get us up and running!

We currently have 3 different products in our shop created by Sandi. You can click on the images below to see them! She is developing many more, so stay tuned for a shop filled with unique items for cats and the people who love them!

The Crazy Kitten Lady

You know the cat side of me, but you may not know that I have been working online since 2007, running a homeschool blog, and developing my own homeschool materials. I also designed and developed my own website and run my own shop (selling digital homeschool products). So, it was natural for me to create a new website, blog, and shop - which is where you are now,! I decided to branch out when my Instagram grew (which I never planned on, but here we are!), as a way to help further support our foster kittens and my dreams of being even more involved with kitten rescue care.

I am a digital content creator, which is why I create digital and print items for our shop! Mom sews, I absolutely do not! You wouldn't want me to sew a button on your shirt, trust me - not my talent! When I was in my twenties I ran a photography business, which is where that background comes from. Many of our digital products feature photographs that I take of our kittens.

Below you can see our current print-your-own products.

I am also in the process of creating pre-printed cards for the shop! Here is a sneak peek at a few

of the cards that will be available soon as pre-printed sets!

If you follow us on Instagram, you'll notice little Slushy and many of the Bugs featured in the photos! Our cat Mabel was an adorable foster kitten first, she is featured too, as well as many you may not know if you are a new follower!

We will have photo cards, featuring former foster kittens, as well as thank you cards, birthday cards, get well cards, congratulations cards, and more! I look forward to offering these pre-printed cards for sale soon in our shop! Sign up for our email list to be notified when we launch new products or have sales!

Finally, I want to thank you all for your support. Whether you purchase from our shop or not, simply visiting our Instagram and website helps! It takes a village and you are a part of this village. It is my dream to be more involved with kitten rescue work and I hope this shop helps further that dream!

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