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2023 Foster Kittens & Reflection

2023 was the year Crazy Foster Kitten Lady became official (online at least). We began 2023 with less than 200 followers on Instagram. By March we hit 10,000 and we ended 2023 with over 66,000! With the surprising growth of the Instagram, this blog/shop/website were developed and our journey expanded!

This year I became a volunteer at our shelter, spending more time helping kitties while there as well as the fosters in my home. This is the first year we have had every single supply we needed available thanks to your donations. It was so wonderful and I am just so grateful. Your purchases through our shop have helped me pay for so many other expenses related to fostering (gas, supplies, etc.). I have big dreams and hope to expand even more in the future! If you've never read the story of how I began fostering, you can read it here!


I fostered 35 kitties this year - 2 mom cats and 33 kittens. Less than previous years because I also experienced my first extended stay guests thanks to ringworm and a few other medical issues.

My favorite kitten of the year was Jack, coming in second would be Peanut. Tied for third would be Sally, Butterfly, Charleston, Enid, and Ophelia.

Longest stay award goes to Sally who was here for 15 weeks and 1 day, coming in right behind her is Jack who left the day before she did! They also win the "sickest kittens" award! They both battled many health issues and WON!

This year I had my first out of state adoptions thanks to my Instagram. I have former foster kittens in Michigan, Florida, Virginia, Ohio, and more!

Table of Contents:



We started the year with an adorable single kitten named Jasmine. She is now named Poppy and living her best life! Her momma ended up adopting another kitten from us, Caterpillar, from the next litter! See more of Jasmine here: #fosterkittenjasmine2023



The Bugs came to us next and this is the litter that brought many to my Instagram. Everything changed with this sweet group! Momma Bee, Skeeter, Caterpillar, Firefly, Cricket, and Butterfly brought so much joy! See more of The Bugs here: #thebugfosterkittenfamily2023

  • Cricket and Butterfly were adopted together and they have an Instagram here!

  • Firefly and Skeeter were adopted together and their names are now Cotswold Cheddar and Colby Jack.

  • Caterpillar was adopted by Jasmine's mommy and is now named Buster,

  • Momma Bee was adopted and is now named Athena. Her momma also adopted Sally!

Photos sent from adopters are below! Firefly and Skeeter on the left and Jasmine and Caterpillar on the right!



Amy and Sheldon (named after the TV show Big Bang Theory) came to us next and were here while The Bugs were here. I transferred them to another foster (because I was going on vacation) so I don't know their adopters. See more of Amy & Sheldon here: #sheldon❤️amyfosterkittens23



We welcomed another mom and her two babies, Slushy & Scooter, next and enjoyed seeing Momma Sprinkle come out of her shell. She was a kitten herself and very nervous in the beginning. She opened up and is now living her best life with her kids all together. They were adopted by a wonderful family and their names are now Eloise, Simone, and Scooter (they kept his name and his nickname Scooty Booty). They have an Instagram you can follow here!

See more of the Summer Fun family here: #summerfunfosterkittyfamily2023



Popsicle (Popsy) and Peanut joined us next and were here while The Summer Fun family was here. They ended up being adopted together and their names are now Lexi and Luca, see their Instagram here! See more of Popsy & Peanut here: #popsyandpeanut2023



Bluey and Bingo joined us next, They ended up being adopted together and their names are now Aurora and Luna, see their Instagram here! See more of Bluey & Bingo here: #blueyandbingofosterkittens



Wednesday, Gomez, Pugsley, and Morticia (Tishy) came next! They were adopted in pairs! Gomez and Tishy went together and Pugsley and Wednesday went together. Neither have Insta accounts but their adopters have updated me and they are doing well! See more of The Addams Family here: #addamsfamilyfosterkittens2023

Photos sent from adopters are below! Pugsley and Wednesday are on the left and are now named Saul and Kim (from the TV show Better Call Saul). Tishy and Gomez are on the right.



We were pretty full but when I saw theses two tiny fluff balls I just had to have them. Since they came right after the Addams Family we gave them names from the show/movie also. Soon after arriving they earned the nickname "Dust Bunnies." They were adopted together and have an Instagram here! See more of The Dust Bunnies here#opheliaandenidfosterkittens2023



These two were the story of my year. From their interesting arrival to their extra long stay, and all of their issues in between. They were the most unique story of 2023 for sure! Jack was adopted and has an Instagram here. Sally is now named Piper and was adopted by the same momma who adopted Momma Bee from the bug family! See more of Jack & Sally here: #jackandsallyfosterkittens23



These four cuties came to me from another foster friend. She raised them from less than a day old and I took over so that Sally could have some friends! Sagan and Hermione were adopted together and their names are now Bert (Hermione) and Ernie (Sagan). Jane was adopted into a family with two other cats. Micha was adopted into a family with another kitty! See more of Sally's friends here: #sallyandfriendsfosterkittens23

Photos sent from adopters are below! Sagan and Hermione (Bert & Ernie) are on the left, Jane in the middle, and Micha on the right.



Jack needed some friends since at that time he was too small to play with Sally. Fox and Fancy came from the same foster friend! They were adopted together and are now named Zorro and Elegante "Ellie" which is Spanish for Fox and Fancy! See more of Jack's friends here: #jackandfriendsfosterkittens23

Photo sent from adopters are below!



We closed out 2023 with the tiny dancers: Salsa, Twist, Polka, Samba, and Charleston. Salsa is now Lexi and was adopted into a home with other kitties, her momma has an Instagram here, Twist is now Melvin and was also adopted into a home with other kitties. Charleston and Samba were adopted together into the same home, and as of writing this Polka is still with me. See more of the tiny dancers here: #tinydancerfosterkittens23


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