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These are hand-made cat toys filled with stuffing and catnip! Add to your seasonal fun by grabbing the summer toys you love for your kitty! Please note these are made by my mom, individually, with love. Each toy will look slightly different. 


Current Options:

  • FIREWORK - minky/cotton fabric, embroidery, stuffing, catnip, ribbons
  • SEAHORSE - minky fabric, embroidery, stuffing, catnip, ribbons
  • STARFISH - furry minky fabric, embroidery, stuffing, crinkle, catnip
  • BASEBALL - minky fabric, embroidered lines, stuffing, crinkle, ribbons, & catnip
  • SUN - minky fabric, embroidered face, stuffing, crinkle, ribbons, & catnip. The ribbons come long but you can cut to your desired length and use a lighter to lightly burn the ends of the ribbons to prevent fraying.
  • BEACH BALL - minky fabric, stuffing, rattle, & catnip. 
  • FISH - 2 per set, cotton fabric - patterns will vary (if you have a color preference please add a note at checkout), stuffing, & catnip. 
  • MANTA RAY- minky & cotton fabric, embroidered face, crinkle, stuffing, catnip.
  • RAINBOW CLOUD - a comeback from our spring line! Stuffing, catnip, ribbons.


Additional Notes:

  • Please know that not all cats are affected by catnip, and not all catnip will attract all cats. We use high-quality catnip but this doesn't guarantee your cat will be attracted to our toys, or for how long. 
  • We recommend you trim your cat's nails regularly which will help your toys last longer. Sharp or untrimmed nails are much more likely to break down the hand-sewn toys. If your cat is a biter, their teeth may also rip the toy.
  • To maintain the strong catnip scent, it is recommended to place the toy in a zip-lock bag to help maintain catnip freshness. This isn't required but will help the catnip quality last longer.
  • You can roll the toy in your hands before playtime, to release the catnip aroma.
  • While we do our best to construct toys in the most durable and safe way, we always recommend monitoring your cats with toys, knowing that they could possibly be destroyed. All cats are different, if yours does destroy a toy, please get in touch with us so we can learn how to possibly make future toys better!
  • Please note: if your cat chews on things with catnip, these may stain. If you notice a brownish color, just take a paper towel and soak up the slobber as much as possible. You can surface clean the toy to help lessen the stain. Just be aware that staining is possible with cats who chew, we have one who does that!


Shipping Info:

Shipping is based on weight and most of our items weigh very little! Shipping is calculated at checkout.

Summer Fun Cat Toys


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