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These are hand-made crocheted kitten toys! Please note these are made by my mom, individually, with love. Each toy will look slightly different. These are recommended for kittens.


More Info:

  • Size: Approximately 3” wide,  5" long (see sample videos for better size reference)
  • Materials Used: yarn, ribbon, bells
  • Play WITH Me: These are intended for you to play with your kitten, they are not intended for independent play. You can see the video of foster kitten Jilly playing with the toy hanging in our window.  We use a metal ring to hang it, but you could use any kind of hook or even attach it to a stick to play with your kittens.
  • Delicate: These toys are on the more delicate side and will not withstand an adult cat with long claws or a cat who chews on strings. We use these with our foster kittens. Please expect wear and tear with these special hand-made toys.



Crochet Jellyfish


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