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Christmas Kitten Learning Fun Printables for Kids

Christmas is right around the corner and many kids will be out of school, or homeschooled kids will be on break! When my kids were younger we always had Christmas learning notebooks filled with fun printables to keep them learning (and busy). This new set of Christmas printables was created in honor of my foster kitten journey, with the proceeds helping support our foster kittens!

I hope many kids enjoy these fun activities filled with cute Christmas kittens! These activities are best for children ages 3-6 but some older kids will enjoy certain activities!

For those of you who only know me through my Crazy Foster Kitten Lady Instagram account, you may not know that I am a former Kindergarten teacher and currently a homeschooler. I run a homeschool blog and shop since 2007. This new product combines both worlds! Education and kittens!

Let's see what's included in this fun Christmas Kitten Learning Pack!

First, you'll find a cover sheet in case you decide to put the pages into a binder. You can put many of the activities into sheet protectors and have kids use dry-erase markers so they can do the activities more than once!

These are called 3-part cards, and kids can use these to match up the names with the kittens! Click here to see how to use these!

If your child is working on tracing letters, these are a perfect way to practice over Christmas break!

Have you ever tried Q-Tip painting? It's lots of fun for young kids who are working on fine motor skills! See how to use these here.

Have some play dough fun with these fun play dough mats!

Cut out the pages and staple them together for a cute mini-book featuring Christmas kittens!

We have two different graphing options. See how to use the roll and graph here!

More early math fun with patterns, sorting, greater/less than, and counting!

Find the differences in these fun Christmas kitty graphics

One of our favorite games to play, Peek & Find! Read all about it here!

Coloring pages featuring cats!

If your child is learning shapes, these printables will be perfect!

More early learning fun: tracing, cutting & gluing, numbers 1-10, and name matching

There's a word search and label the kitten activity too!

Answer pages are included for the activities that have specific answers.

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